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The Buy Here Pay Here Center from Autotrader can help put your dealership and inventory in front of more local shoppers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Autotrader Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) Center?
  • The Autotrader BHPH Center is the only comprehensive solution built exclusively for buy here pay here dealers and shoppers.
  • The Autotrader BHPH Center is a platform specifically designed to match BHPH dealers with customers who need the financing they provide.
Why did Autotrader choose to create the BHPH Center?
  • Autotrader created the BHPH Center to fill a gap identified in the marketplace; the product addresses the difficulty that credit challenged customers and Buy Here Pay Here dealers can have connecting with each other.
  • Credit challenged customers shop for cars very differently than traditional car shoppers. Their primary concerns are down payment, regular payments and frequency of those payments. Buy Here Pay Here dealers have had difficulty differentiating themselves from other subprime and franchise dealers, until now.
  • The BHPH Center gives dealers the tools they need to effectively merchandise their dealership and vehicle inventory so they can maximize their exposure to customers.
The BHPH Center was a free offering and now it’s a paid subscription. Why?

It was always the intent when the BHPH Center was originally launched, that the free service was on a trial basis. The trial had achieved its performance objectives in demonstrating value to the BHPH dealer in order to transition the BHPH Center to a paid product.

Why should a dealer subscribe to the BHPH Center?

Dealers get full access to the BHPH Center product, including: A customizable dealer website, payment-focused listings, local market dealer dashboard, toll-free number and dealer-created banner ads.

What are the benefits to the dealer?
  • Connect with a highly targeted market of local shoppers.
  • Meet buyers where they’re shopping to drive them to your dealership.
  • Gain a competitive edge. Differentiate your dealership from other buy here pay here dealers and from traditional dealers.
  • Make market-based decisions with the local market dealer dashboard.
What are the benefits to the consumer?
  • Easy vehicle search.
  • Multiple dealer search capability.
  • Payment specific listings.
How much does it cost for the dealer and what kinds of pricing tiers/packages will be available?

Contact Buy Here Pay Here Center Support at 877-204-2526 and select Option 1 to speak with a sales consultant regarding your subscription options.

How does the dealer sign up?

Dealers can sign-up for the BHPH Center through either of the following options:

  • Contact Buy Here Pay Here Center Support at 877-204-2526 and select Option 1
  • Sign-up online at www.bhphsetup.com
How is the dealer billed?

Dealers are billed on a monthly basis; pro-rating of charges will apply as-necessary.

How many photos and/or videos can a dealer upload per vehicle to the BHPH Center site?

A maximum of 50 photos and one video per vehicle are allowed.

I'm having trouble loading my inventory who do I contact?
  • Refer to the "Uploading Photos & Videos" tutorial on the Dealer Resources page
  • Call Buy Here Pay Here Center Support at 877-204-2526 and select Option 2
  • Email: BHPHSupportEmails@Autotrader.com
Who should customers contact if they have a question about the BHPH Center site?
What if the dealer wants to cancel? What is the cancellation policy?

The cancellation policy follows the existing Autotrader policy in effect today; the dealer must provide 30 days advance notice.

How is the BHPH Center different from the Autotrader core site?

The BHPH Center is the only comprehensive solution built exclusively for the BHPH community – providing customizable dealer website, payment-focused listings and local market dealer dashboard to position dealers to drive valuable connections.

What options does a dealer have for listing their vehicles (price-wise)?
  • Dealers can list vehicles by a variety of payment options, including: By Down Payment, Monthly Payment, Weekly Payment, Bi-Weekly Payment or base price.
  • Listings with payment information must include price.
  • Each state has their own online advertising laws; listings must comply with local and state laws. Dealers are responsible for complying with their own local and state laws.
What is Autotrader doing to create awareness for the BHPH Center site?
  • Autotrader has published product press releases about the BHPH Center.
  • Autotrader has presented at national and state industry conventions such as National Alliance of Buy Here Pay Here Dealers (NABD) and National Independent Automobile Dealers Association (NIADA) to generate dealer awareness.
  • Autotrader has placement links on the Autotrader.com site in order to drive consumer and dealer traffic to the BHPH Center.
What is Autotrader doing to create consumer traffic?

Autotrader has increased investing in additional Search Engine Optimization features to drive consumer traffic, as well as paid search campaigns.

What are the terms of the contract?
  • Standard Autotrader contract terms apply; the contract is Evergreen until canceled.
  • Terms and Conditions can be accessed here.
How will this impact an existing Cox Automotive Media Solution client’s account (in terms of billing)?

Existing dealers will see a new line-item for BHPH Center on their invoice.

How does a BHPH Center dealer manage their account?
  • Dealers can access their account on the Dealer Access page.
  • Dealers can refer to the "Managing My Microsite" video on the Dealer Resources page.
  • Still having trouble? Contact Buy Here Pay Here Center Support at 877-204-2526 and Select Option 2

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